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    Re: MIPs/contributing

    Cops dont go around asking people for id's if thats what you're worried about. They ride horses around the camps and hardly inquire about your age, unless you look like you're 12 and shotgunning...
  2. Re: Four bedroom unfurnished home for rent 2 miles to festival

    lol wow... that was hoot.
  3. Re: Weekend 1 Car Camping Compound III !! - If You Have Car Camping, I Have Housing

    Im in AZ too! The two people I planned on car camping with decided to get a hotel instead. So its just me in the camp spot now, I think I might be up for this if you could send me more information on...
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    Room for weekend 1 car camping

    As the title says I have room in my car camp spot. This is my second year going to coachella and I hope its as awesome as it was last time. The friends I went with last year didnt appreciate the heat...
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