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  1. Re: 2 GA weekend 2 Festival Passes + Car camping for sale

    can i buy just the car camping form you?
  2. Re: 2 GA TICKETS + 1 CAR CAMPING TO WEEKEND 2 FOR SALE (going to weekend 1 instead)

    can i buy that car camping spot
  3. Driving from Texas to Coachella, need a ride?

    My friend and I will give anyone a ride if they share a camping pass :)
  4. 2 girls in need of place to camp, will pitch in and help pay (weekend 2)

    Hello! My friend and I are from Texas and are 19, we timed out when we tried to get camping passes online, we are very laid back and really need a place to crash, we will bring you snacks and just...
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    Re: weekend 2 space for rent

    Hello!!! My Friend and I are both 19 and would love to share with you!
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