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  1. Re: Where is the nearest place to Coachella we could buy a tent??

    my advice is (and iv done this before) go to walmart and buy everything you think you might need tent, sleeping bags, sunshade, whatever use and abuse at the concert then on your way out just return...
  2. Thread: Toilets!!

    by verbal kint

    Re: Toilets!!

    iv been crapping in porta-jons in phoenix in the summer for years and all i have to say is if you have to go bad enough you will use them regardless of how gross they look or smell and if you are...
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    Re: Where does the sun come up?

    it wont matter one bit as soon as the sun touches any part of your tent it will be a god damn sweat lodge
  4. Re: What happens if you get caugfht sneaking alcohol into campgrounds?

    they cut your small penis off
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