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  1. Re: Selling (2) weekend 2 passes + CAR camping!

    Passes and car camping have been sold.
  2. Selling (2) weekend 2 passes + CAR camping!

    Selling 2 passes with car camping. Message me.
    Accept Venmo/PayPal will ship anywhere in the US with tracking info. Happy Coachella '17
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    Need Camping? I gotchu covered. Wk1

    Arriving Thursday at the camp grounds 5am-6am to ensure a great location. Looking for people to join my camp, just being your personal items, and help out with the cost of the car camp. Shoot me a...
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    Re: Wk1 My car camping pass plus your car!

    I will be In Palm Springs on Weds night and will be ready to go early in the am hoping to find some that will be able to use my pass and give me a lift and cost of the pass. I have a group of friends...
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    Wk1 My car camping pass plus your car!

    Ok so I will be flying down from Seattle, I don't have a car to drive to Coachella but I do have a car camping pass Wk1. I'm suggesting we use my pass and your car and we have an awesome chella...
  6. Re: 2 Aussie girls with Van but no car camping pass! Weekend 2

    Coachella vet here. I have 2 car camping spots and if things work out we can add all 3 of you to our group. We have all camping necessities. Look for awesome people to add to our Coachella experience.
  7. Re: (3 Females) Mid-Late 20s from LA looking for HOTEL/CAMPING/HOUSE Share

    'Samornee' we can work something out if you contact me. I just sent you a private message.
  8. Re: 18 y/o Girl from UCLA looking for a place to crash Weekend 1

    PM me I might be able to help you out.
  9. Re: (3 Females) Mid-Late 20s from LA looking for HOTEL/CAMPING/HOUSE Share

    I posted a thread looking for people with the same characteristics. So if interested let me know I have camping available.
  10. Looking to ADOPT few chill people for weekend 1 car camping.

    Ok so we bought 4 car camping spaces and it looks like we will have room for 1 or 2 small tents for people that need a place to crash. Looking for chill people who like to have fun, party but not too...
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    Re: Is it possible to go to Coachella with an RV

    If you cant find an RV parking, I would suggest you do car camping its a lot of fun, and its better than driving in and out of the venue because there is a lot of traffic.
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    Re: have car camping no car weekend 1

    I have room in my car camping if you need a place to crash hmu.
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    Re: Looking for a place to stay - weekend 1!

    I also have room in my car camping area for weekend 1 let me know if youd be interested in staying with us.
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    Re: 3 girls need place to stay Weekend 1

    I have room in my car camping area if you are interested let me know. Typically my friends and I party but not too crazy, we drink and dont mind if you are into drugs. We are pretty chill people in...
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    Re: Room for three Aussie ladies?

    I have room in my camp space if youre still looking, let me know.
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