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    Re: Who Else is In The ''Waiting Room''?

    Finally, a post that's as grim as I'm feeling. I'm just torturing myself looking at everyones' success! I wanna be in the cool kids club and have my ticket....
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    Re: Who Else is In The ''Waiting Room''?

    WHAT THE HELL?! I've been waiting since 10am and at 10:01 I got this message:

    "Passes for Weekend 1 are moving quickly, and will be sold out very soon.
    You will likely not be directed to the...
  3. Selling CAR CAMPING & COMPANION PARKING PASSES, Weekend1; Meet up and share space!

    10x30 sounding a little cramped? Do you want some extra space? How about some hearty partying with super shnazzy individuals? Well, we have ONE extra CAR CAMPING pass for WEEKEND 1. Since passes are...
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    Re: Cold War Kids

    I only caught the first two opening tracks at chella this year (amazing as always) -- I've seen them so many times that I thought it would be smart to check out some other bands. One of the only...
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    Re: Week one or two?

    The important things to know about weekend two:
    - It will more than likely be hotter than Hades.
    - You wanted beautiful, lush Polo field grass? Sorry, all gone.
    - IMHO, the masses will mostly be...
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    Re: Sign Here if You're Going to Weekend 1

    Bought passes for the original recipe. Considering the second weekend pending the line up and ticket availability when they're offish released.
  7. Re: My First Coachella, April 13th-15th 2012...Some questions

    Definitely camp. One night I passed out at 2ish and was able to sleep just fine - it was noisy, but what do you expect. The other nights I ended up partying till 4 or 5. And yes, there are showers....
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    Re: Week one or two?

  9. Re: Coachella 2012 Announcement Tuesday May 31st @ 10am

    The regulation is FANTASTIC but I'm PISSED. My group is two houses, one with 5 people, the other with 7. Last year we were able to get four camping spots between the two houses, had plenty of room -...
  10. Re: Coachella 2012 Announcement Tuesday May 31st @ 10am

    I never said it wasn't intricate or important. Something like that takes massive amounts of planning and preparedness. I think (for many bands) it's one of the most important shows they'll ever do. ...
  11. Re: Coachella 2012 Announcement Tuesday May 31st @ 10am

    There's no way GV or any artist would contractually commit to something this early - while I think big names begin talks relatively early for other booking/recording considerations, a lot can happen...
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    Re: Who is 2012's obvious headliner?

    I would kill myself with a dull chainsaw if Gaga came.
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    The Gorge could very well be the best show of the entire tour. Not only is it the final show, but the venue? Absolutely beautiful scenery and makes a fun last warm weekend to go camping. Seattles'...
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    Re: 2 8 year old girls who know how to party

    Thinking about the abot the hearing damage to their young ears makes me so sad. Kudos to the parents who were smart and brought ear plugs/muffs for their lil'uns, but I can't count how many kids I...
  15. Re: Bumbershoot 2011 September 3-5 at Seattle Center

    I'm really into the 'Band a day in May' thing. I spend all morning eagerly awaiting the announcement at noon. I'm so glad BSS is coming - I missed their set at Coachella. And Hall&Oats, Ray...
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    Re: How fast will tickets sell out for 2012???

    I'm definitely buying two tickets the second layaway is an option - one for me and one the dumbass friend who will for sure forget/not have the money in time/is indecisive. Planning ahead, FTW.
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    Re: "17 Acts Likely to Play Coachella"

    Hell yeah!! I took some classes with Ryan and have randomly encountered Ben a few times - so proud that these guys are doing big things for Seattle hip hop. I really hope they blow up!
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    Re: Favorite Coachella Food Vendors?

    OH I wanted to try those so badly. Even more to look foreward to for next year.
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    Re: Have 2011 Do Lab Photos? Gimmie!

    So awesome! Thanks guys, I'm loving the audience flicks :-) Keep em commin!

    p.s. Anyone know of a photographer who was wearing a red shirt on stage (Sunday afternoon) - it may have been during...
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    Re: what "streets" are you camped in?

    Lot 8 and Impala! It was the perfect walk from the tent to the gates - just enough time to chug a brew :-)
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    Have 2011 Do Lab Photos? Gimmie!

    I'm looking for photos from the Do Lab this year - my friends and I got quite a few snapped of us on Friday/Sunday by some of the photographers on stage (which is ideally what I'm looking for) but...
  22. Re: Whose still wearing their Coachella wristband?

    ....Seriously? It's hard to tell between internet snark and actual fact.
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    Re: Will prices go up or down?

    A few friends of mine are looking for camping passes, but are in the same situation. Do you guys think now is the best time to buy car/tent camping off ebay/stubhub, or will those prices go down as...
  24. Re: The BasedGod (Lil B) will bring peace to the world on April 16th

    Sidebar: This is my first Coachella and I'm fairly new to the boards - just wanted to come and get some camping tips...but I'm not sure if most of the people on here are from the south or just don't...
  25. Re: The BasedGod (Lil B) will bring peace to the world on April 16th

    P.S. While a lot of his music is the hilarious based freestyles/cooking music, he has some other shit. Try "The New Negro" or music while he was stilling rapping with The Pack (popular song: Vans On...
  26. Re: The BasedGod (Lil B) will bring peace to the world on April 16th

    1.) Not everyone can be BASED.
    2.)Being BASED is a lifestyle. It's all about positive vibes and obviously, the majority of these people, don't know how to vibe out and have a real good time....
  27. Re: help me build my coachella iTunes playlist?

    Alf Alpha - World Famous
    Menomena - Muscle and Flo
    Erykah Badu - Call Tyrone
    Jack's Mannequin - Dark Blue
    The Swell Season - Falling Slowly
    Marina and the Diamonds - Shampain
    Best Coast - Happy...
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    Re: Cops at Coachella

    When you get searched on entry, is it by the Coachella security or Indio cops?
  29. Re: How do I concentrate on life until April 15th!?

    Seriously!! Every five minutes on my mind it's "coachellacoachellacoachella". We'll just have to tough it out - longest three months ever. Sigh.
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    Seattle to Coachella: Two seats left


    We will be a group of two girls, one guy (21-22/yo) driving down from Seattle. We have two seats open, but we're looking for an extra ticket for a friend who wasn't able to get one. If you...
  31. Do you have a festie TICKET TO TRADE for $$$, shared camping, or other?


    We will be a group of four 21/yo driving down from Seattle and someone didn't get their 3day ticket in time. We have a camping pass we'd be willing to share, as well as a ride to/from the...
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