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  1. Selling a camping spot! Staying with our friends now

    So we have a car camping spot we are willing to "rent" for the weekend because we will b staying on our friends site now. our car WILL be parked on site, we just will not be camping there. pm me with...
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    Re: Need a place to stay weekend2!!!

    Our group has 4 girls and 1 guy, if youre interested in joining our camp lemme know!
  3. Re: Driving out from LA ....need camping site or share!

    make an offer!
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    Re: Anyone from San Diego need a ride? wknd 2

    hey steph me and a female friend of mine are looking for a ride, lemme know! I'm a 21 yr old senior at SDSU and she's 20 and does her thing at miramar haha.

    here my fb link !
  5. 2 college students from San Diego need a ride there and back for weekend 2! pitch on

    Me and my female friend need a ride to coachella weekend 2, happy to chip in on gas and everything like that!

    About us:

    I'm a 22 yr old dude SDSU senior, this will be my second time at...
  6. Re: Solo goer can give a ride from SD weekend 2.

    Me and a female friend of mine are looking for a ride up and back, we are down to pitch gas but will be camping with a friend. Let me know if this works, thanks!
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    SDSU student needs ride for weekend 2!

    20 year old male state student needs a ride up Friday returning early Monday! Meeting friends up there we have a hotel, if u wanna share hotel costs you're welcome to stay with us! 2 girls and 2 guys...
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    Re: Driving up from SD!!

    Pm me plz, might be ideal!
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    Re: Seat available from north SD, Weekend 2

    When are u coming back? Pm me!
  10. Re: Ride to Coachella and Car Camping from San Diego

    Hey pm me with details plz :)
  11. Re: 2 SD girls need a place to crash this weekend!!

    Hey me and some friends ( 2 girls 2 guys) have a hotel room close to coachella. If ya wanna pitch a little cash and a ride out we'd be happy to have ya! PM me
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