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  1. Selling TENT camping pass for WEEKEND 1

    Will trade wristbands also due to the whole "has to go with the pass it was bought with" dealio. $80, which is it's face value.
  2. Re: Need to trade my Weekend 1 wristband and $$$ with your wristband + camping pass

    I got a TENT camping pass if you're interested.
  3. Re: Selling my Tent Camping to pass for weekend 1**

    Definitely TENT camping for WEEKEND 1. Let me know if your still interested
  4. Selling my Tent Camping to pass for weekend 1**

    Deal with transferring any camping pass is it must accompany the wristband bought in the same purchase, so looking to trade wristbands and sell my TENT CAMPING pass for weekend one for $80 (which is...
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    Re: Weekend 1 tent camping - sold out.

    I'm gonna just copy and paste what I wrote in another thread about my knowledge on this years tent camping and ticket information in regards to selling your camping spots. Here we go.

    "This is...
  6. Re: COACHELLA TIX - TRADE - I have GA + car camping, need GA only (weekend 1)

    Speaking of trading passes, I have a weekend 1 GA pass + tent camping that I would like to trade/sell for a single weekend 1 GA pass. Just in case any of you guys don't get the one totoro_kills is...
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    Re: Tent camping sold out?

    This is the information I got from FrontGate when I called about trying to return my tent camping pass:

    The deal is you must have the ticket that corresponds to the tent camping (and I'm guessing...
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