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    Re: Why close beer garden so early?

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    Re: Nine Inch Nails 2014

    Is this the "rumor/implied confirmation that everyone will freak out about"???
  3. Re: Camp Check in on Thursday 10PM or Friday AM?

    I would love to leave early on Thursday and snag a good camping spot, but I don't get enough vacation days to justify it. Thus, I'm a big fan of leaving early friday morning. The long lines...
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    Re: Bicycle Parking

    Because that would be a dick thing to do.

    There are so many bikes locked up around the entrance I really wouldnt be worried. I take my bike every year and lock it up by the entrance wherever...
  5. Re: 5 awesome people. Only one camping spot. Share extra space and we'll share our fo

    feel your pain.....I got 5 heads in my spot this year and I know it's gonna be tight
  6. Re: Anyone else arriving late Thursday night for Weekend 2? Looking for chill neighbo

    Working Thursday night sux. My first year I drove out after work, but won't do it again. Too long a line....last time I didnt even get through security until around 2AM. People were tired and...
  7. Re: The Godforsaken Thorn-Infested Horse Patch, LOT 4

    Were you car camping? Gotta bring a tarp and lay it on the floor. Camping in the desert aint easy. Sorry you had such a rough time :sorry
  8. Re: Anyone from OC coming Friday morning with a car camping pass?! (second week)

    I'm leaving from long beach early Friday morning week 2. Got 5 people (27-30) in my spot but we did get a huge 10x30 party tent. Itd be great to hang
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