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  1. Re: Which set will have the biggest dance party?

    I saw Odesza and Gorgon City play the same event at SXSW. Gorgon City played first and totally upstaged Odesza. They definitely had the biggest dance party of the week. I highly recommend you not...
  2. Re: Your top five acts of Coachella 2014 (Weekend One Edition)

    1. The Knife - never heard them before but checked them out on a friend's advice and I was blown away. Making it even better was having a dance party with Diddy who was out in the crowd goin' just as...
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    Re: Top 3 sets from FRIDAY

    Alt J
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Band of Horses
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    Re: Best Album by Each Band

    Aesop Rock - Appleseed, though he'll never play any of these songs :(
    Jurassic 5 - Power in Numbers
    Pretty Lights - Making Up A Changing Mind
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way
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    Re: Jurassic 5

    Last time J5 played Coachella, Cut Chemist and NuMark put on the most ridiculous turntablist set I've seen. Cut hung a turntable around his neck and walked around stage scratching while NuMark worked...
  6. Re: Your top 5 performances from 2012 (weekend one edition)

    1. Dre and Snoop
    2. Gotye
    3. St Vincent (hadn't heard anything from her before. She killed it)
    4. Beats Antique
    5. Childish Gambino

    Also loved aRaabMUZIK
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