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    Has extra spots in Worldmark..week1..FREE

    I have 3-4 extra spots in Worldmark Indio. Some friends bailed out. Yours for free.
    Contact me ASAP 813-842-7444. This will not last long.
    Why camp when you can stay in 5 star resort for free.
  2. Driving from San Diego on 4/15..Can give ride...Also 1 room available in Worldmark

    I am planning to start at noon...but flexible. I am take 2 or maybe 3 people. I am staying in Worldmark..Indio..and also have some rooms available...if you are looking for accommodation.
    contact me...
  3. Space available in Worldmark Indio $250 full weekend Week 1

    I have a 2BR sleeps 6 unit booked in Worldmark Indio..but some of the friends backed out. So looking for folks to fill in the place.
    This is for week 1...$250 full weekend. Worldmark is an...
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    Re: House/Condo rentals for Coachella 2015 anyone?

    I have the following available....

    4 nights 9-13 Aprl in 1BR 2Bath (sleeps 4)
    4 nights 9-13 Aprl in 2BR 2Bath (sleeps 6)
    4 nights 9-13 Aprl in 3BR 2Bath (sleeps 8)

    All the units have fully...
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    Re: In need of a house for 5-8, weekend 2

    What is your budget??
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