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    Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    I have gone both weekends in past years. I agree. Weekend 1 is all So Cal people that go to be seen and to say "We saw it first". Weekend 2 you get people from other states, Europe. Plus it does not...
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    Re: Staying at Worldmark Resort?

    I"m in for weekend # 2.
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    (1) Weekend 2 pass for Sale $ 299

    I have 1 unregistered pass for sale for 4/20 weekend. Leaving for Coachella Thursday morning from Sacramento. Should be in Indio by 2pm. Contact me at (916) 214-4135. Enjoy the show.
  4. Re: Ride available from Northern California to Coachella and back!

    What weekend ??
  5. Re: Chill chick, ready to party, needs a ride from central cali weekend 2!!

    Hey chill chick, were driving down from Sac early Thursday morning. Were car camping and wanna get a good spot. Theres 4 in my SUV. But if you need a ride and are not bringing 4 suitcases we got room...
  6. Re: Looking to carpool from Sacramento, wknd 2

    I might be able to help you out. As of now there are only two in our car, but I have two friends that are looking for tickets. Were car camping. If they don't go then I don't mind giving you gals a...
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