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    WANTED::: weekend 2 car camping pass

    You tell one person they can camp with you and then they think its ok to bring 4 more people for 1 plot. Shit cray.

    We need a car camping pass now. Please hit me up at if...
  2. Re: Chances of ticket prices dropping next week?

    Thousands of tickets on Stubhub, hundreds of them for $100 below face value, and people scared to buy them because you cannot change the original purchases name.
  3. Car Camping pass for weekend 2 needs a good home

    My friend got laid off. So sad. Now I have an extra car camping pass for weekend 2 (plus a GA wristband). I'm in SoCal and hour away from the Polo Fields.
  4. Weekend 2.... GA wristband and car camping

    My friend got laid off, so I have an extra ticket and car camping pass. I live in SoCal and would prefer to meet up in person, but if you need me to ship it I can. Face value $434 for both.

  5. 1 GA and 1 car camping for weekend 2 available


    My buddy got laid off and can't go anymore. SUCKS! So I have an extra ticket with car camping available. I live in Riverside and can meet up with you somewhere in Southern California.
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    1 GA pass for weekend 2 for sale

    Happy Coachella!! My friends brother got a new job, YAY!, but now has to work this weekend, boooo! So he is scrambling to get this unregistered GA pass off of his hands. We're located in Riverside,...
  7. Re: Coachella Newbie - What to bring for Car Camping?

    5 in one spot is already too many. Trust.
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    Re: New Canned Beer of Choices for Coachella 2012

    This thread was inspirational and now I am on the hunt for some canned Abita Purple Haze. You want chicks (like me) at your camp site? Get some fruity wheat beer.
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    Re: kimbra late add?

    It would only make sense that Kimbra is a late add. Cat Power and La Roux cancel, so we need more singing bitches at this show. Plus, the LA show in-between weekends? Oh coachella don't fail me now!
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    Re: 2 Tickets for weekend 2 available

    Sorry... I found a buyer
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    2 Tickets for weekend 2 available

    Yup. I have 2 extra tickets for weekend 2.

    Being a stoner, I am naturally paranoid. So trading money for tickets must happen in person. I live in between LA and Indio, which means you probably...
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    Re: Coachella Romances

    It's super romantic to go back to your tent and have sex on an air mattress. I've been trying to get my boyfriend to inflate that thing in his room, but he keeps telling me to wait for Coachella...
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