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  1. Re: Help!! I need a ride from LA or share car rental!

    hey guys, flying in to etiher Ontario or LAX on Saturday. Would be downt to rent a car. Anyone?
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    Re: Car rental spit from ontario

    Ill be flying inon Saturday and would be down to rent a car. Anyone? Shoot me an email at
  3. LAX or Ontario-INDIO Saturday-Share a rental?

    Hey guys, flying into LAX on Saturday and trying to get to Indio that same day.
    Any suggestions? I would be down to rent A car and share the expenses.
    Anyone interested? Same goes for returning on...
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    LAX to Indio: Greyhound or...???

    Flying into LAX on Saturday am.
    I noticed the Greyhound station is about 18 miles from LAX. Does anyone have any idea what is usually the cost for that? How long does it take?
    Any other ideas...
  5. Re: Best way to get from L.A. to Palm Springs/Coachella

    im right there with you!
    flying to LAX and getting the greyhound to Indio. AMTRAK does not offer rides to Indio so...I guess a cabbie from LAX to Grewhound might cost u a couple of bucks though..
  6. Re: carpool from bay area? (sunday pass only)

    I am in the same exact boat. I think I might flight to Burbank and then get a bus or train to Indio on Saturday.
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    San Francisco Anyone??

    I am flying from SF and was wondering is anyone had any ideas to share...
    The ticket price to fly to Palm Springs is very expensive and I would love to hear about any other options...
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    Re: Greyhound from LAX?

    Hey, I am also coming from SF and was wondering what would be the best way to get to Indio. A flight to Palm Springs is around 250-300 dollars. How are you planning on getting there? I would love to...
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