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  1. Re: Need a ride to LAX Sunday Night/Early Monday Morning

    check out my post:
  2. Re: Anyone leaving to LAX really early Monday morning???

    Check out my post:
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    Indio to LAX Sunday Night

    Hey! So it looks like some people are in the same boat as my friend and I-in desperate need of rides to LAX Sunday night for early morning flights on Monday morning.

    I haven't had much luck...
  4. We Need a Ride to LAX Sunday Night/Monday Morning!

    Hey Everybody!

    My friend and I need to be at LAX Monday morning for a flight that leaves at 830 am. We are willing to pay!

  5. Re: Carpools: Offer a ride to Coachella? Need a for a ride? PICKUP PAL


    My friend and I need a ride to LAX after Kanye West Sunday night. Our flight leaves at 830 AM. We are willing to pay for gas and even drive your car if you want to party that night. Private...
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