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    Re: Beer olympics!!! 2nd wknd

    Fuck yes.
  2. Re: Coachella weekend 2 condo rental at Indio - 2 br/2 ba sleep 6

    Hi. Is the room sill available? I need it for the 19th-22nd. Thanks. -Kevin
  3. Re: PlayStation is selling GA/VIP tix, for both weekends, at face value through Front

    Has anyone bought these?
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    Re: extra bed for a 3 day pass...

    damn...i wish i had enough time to talk trash to people, and post all day on a website that is dedicated to a 3 day event..... fucking loser, get off the cpu and go back to the bathhouse with your...
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    extra bed for a 3 day pass...

    I really want my buddy to go with us to coachella.... but he cant afford 300 bux for a ticket. We have a hotel room two exits away from the venue with an extra bed, if someone coughs up a 3 day pass...
  6. you can have our extra bed for a 3 day pass

    forget this one.....look at the new one..... i messed up
  7. Re: 3 Day Pass w/ Camping - $200 (broke knee cap)

    at least write us back to let us know if you sold them or not....
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