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  1. Re: Shape Oriented Stage Setups And The Sahara

    Do you people actually go to the same Coachella I go to every year? And do you smile when you are there? Or just think of mean and witty things to say when you get back to your laptops. or...have...
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    Re: Who Popped Your Coachella Cherry?

    Im gonna have to say Kosheen. Wtf year was that? 2001? jesus. You people make me feel so old with your 08' first time experiences! Bless your hearts though, you just didnt know yet...But I...
  3. Re: What song are you currently obsessed with?

    ahhhh....this mix is DOPE. Been listening to it since I heard this set live on NYE.
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    Poll: Re: More Annoying - Hippys or Hipsters

    It really depends on who is sporting the biggest Jesus-like beard.
  5. Re: Things That Will NOT Be Overheard At Coachella 2009

    "Man. I wish someone tall would stand in front of me."
  6. Re: Saw Passion Pit in Minneapolis last night...

    I am really really...really...excited to see Passion Pit.
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    Re: Girl Talk

    I wish Girl Talk was on the line up this year too. yes. REALLY. But if you are looking for some serious debauchery similar to what he provides, make sure you are there for Major Lazer and Diplo's...
  8. Re: ED BANGER RECORDS lovers and haters COME HERE!

    Wow- okay, ANYWAY...back to the magic of Coachella please...
    Laughing my ass off at these haters.
    Busy P!!! I am so freaking excited!!! Gonna dance my ass straight off this year, and so will YOU.
  9. Re: Not missed a day since 1999, The beginning!

    I have the most vivid memory of that Coldplay moment. I had never even really listened to those guys before- but my friend was a die hard fan so I stood by her in the middle of that massive crowd...
  10. Poll: Re: You know who would be an awesome Coachella headliner?

    You need a hug, mister.
  11. Re: Official Coachella 2008 Sahara Tent prediction thread



    And bring on the BASSNECTAR!!!
  12. Poll: Re: HOw many times have you gotten laid at Coachella

    one time... in a tent... with some boys from L.A.- could have gone there- but the mushrooms made me hesitate. Thank god. Nice kids though.
  13. Re: Official Coachella 2008 Sahara Tent prediction thread

    If Oakenfold headlines the Sahara tent, I will eat grass. Not first day grass. But the third day grass in the middle of the tent that everyone has been doing ungodly things on top of all weekend. ...
  14. Poll: Re: You know who would be an awesome Coachella headliner?

    Stepping into this thread, I come to remember what is so wrong with message boards in the first place. You cant please everyone. But cant you all try and keep your negativity to yourselves?...
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    Poll: Re: Best non-main stage act of 2007?

    The Glitch Mob. They were in the Do-Lab. And they blew my mind.
    Dirty nasty beats.
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