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    Re: The Las Vegas planning thread

    Leaving Vegas Thursday afternoon, returning Monday afternoon. Just my wife and I with room for 2 more.
  2. Leaving Las Vegas Thursday afternoon, returning Monday morning, have room for 2

    If you're looking to carpool from Vegas my wife and I are leaving on Thursday afternoon and returning Monday morning. We have room for 2 people. We have a car camping spot, but you can set up a tent...
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    Re: Las Vegas to Coachella.

    when are you heading out? I'm planning on leaving Thursday afternoon, returning Monday. Let me know.
  4. If your order was partially processed (money withdrawn but no confirmation)...

    If you tried to buy tickets, entered your info, and received no confirmation number but the charge processed, CALL FRONTGATE. This happened to me on Friday, and yesterday I called Frontgate about it...
  5. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    Id definitely say the Cima road could use some upkeep but nothing so bad that it would wreck your car. Its a route that's worth taking at least once .
  6. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    Pinkandbrown: you'd probably have better luck starting a thread in carpools or camping/lodging, seeing how most/all of us are coming from Vegas.

    EvoStevo: I'd think we all could accommodate the...
  7. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    Update on my end: the golden voice hook up looks good and Im guessing the $200 pass guy realized he could really stick it to someone else for 3 times as much. So......anyone else got anything?
  8. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    The shoe tree, or trees from what I saw, are random trees in the middle of nowhere someone decided to tie a bunch of shoes to. Others followed suit, and now you have 2 trees covered in shoes. When...
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    Re: Are Kings of Leon going to cancel?

    That's too bad. Maybe the pigeons will come out for their set.
  10. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    The road is Cima and it saves almost an hour of time. It takes you through Joshua Tree Forest. I started taking this way 2 years ago. But, you have little cell service and its quite desolate. Oh...
  11. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    Got my tickets, don't know if everyone else did. I got them last night. I lucked out on that one. Anyways, I think my group might have shrunk as a result of the sell out. So now I'm at 2 of 7 people....
  12. Re: Big 4 concert the week after is there camping?

    English, do you speak it?
  13. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    So i talked to a friend that gets comps from goldenvoice and subsequently has never paid to get into Coachella and he's working on getting a car camping pass.
  14. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    Hey, my name is Luke. And however you wish to organize this is fine by me. I'm definitely looking for 2 passes to accommodate a potentially larger group. 10-12 is ideal, definitely. I take a dodge...
  15. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    I'm still under the assumption i have a car camping pass lined up for 200, but I'm still looking for others. vdubshani is right, carpooling will be a great way to experience the festival. Maybe even...
  16. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    I just found a camping (no car,just tent) pass for 400. Jump on it or pass?
  17. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    I think if you look around on the board and elsewhere, you can still find some people that are looking to completely stick it to you on the passes (all things considered 200 isnt that bad) but I'd...
  18. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    So what would we do about the 2nd vehicle? Other than that id say splitting the 200 pass 3 ways sounds good to me.
  19. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    We'll need to figure out the 2 car situation, but you seem pretty solid about going so if you want I can PM you my contact info. The guy with the pass said he can't sell it till he gets it but he...
  20. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    how many does your truck seat?
  21. Re: Vegas campers WITH a car pass: GREAT offer!

    I'm looking for another couple to car pool with me and 3 other people. We're leaving Vegas on Thursday and returning Monday and all of us are pitching in on one of the ridiculous passes being sold....
  22. Re: Campsite Sharing Arrangements - Have Extra Room? Have Nowhere to Stay? Click Here

    4 people with a jeep looking for a car camping spot to share with others.
    Thanks, Luke
  23. Re: Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    Hey, I'm willing to entertain any idea that gets me a camping spot and am talking to numerous people about a few different things. This will be my 5th year so I know what camping means to the overall...
  24. Re: Has anyone seen new tickets on ticketmaster today?

    If any las vegas area people would like to carpool and go in on a car camping pass let me know. Im thinking 475 between 6 people isn't as bad as paying the whole thing yourself. Let me know Im...
  25. Vegas Coachella goers without a camping pass...

    I don't have a camping pass but am thinking that if I can find people to carpool with me, and share the burden of a $400 camping pass, then we can share the camp spot. I'm leaving Vegas on Thursday...
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    Vegas to Coachella carpool

    Leaving Vegas on Thursday, returning Monday. Let me know if you're interested. My wife and I can take 2 people.
  27. Re: Bringing food and drinks into the venue

    i was barely searched so I brought in snacks everyday. But I bought pizza everyday too, so outside food doesn't necessarily mean you wont buy food on the inside, especially with in and outs in effect.
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    Re: Coachella 2010 Bootlegs/Videos

    when pavement audio surfaces I have a full video to sync it with. I recorded the Cure and McCartney last year, had them synced up with pretty decent results.
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    Re: Coachella 2010 Bootleg Thread

    there's a near HD video of FNM's set on dimeadozen
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    Re: Coachella 2010 Bootleg Thread

    when a decent pavement audio surfaces I'll get it to someone to sync up my video recording to the audio. I was pretty close to the stage for Pavement so the video came out ok.
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    Re: Live Recordings

    i videotaped all of pavement and am going to download the pro shot fnm set on dimeadozen.
  32. Re: Black douche fingering his girl during LCD

    LCD's cowbell has been known to drive people to stick a digit or 2 up a fatties budunkadunk.
  33. Re: Violence in the Campgrounds BY SECURITY

    This might have been my best Coachella so far as the camping situation was awesome and security was incredibly cool. No gripes about security here. In fact, while waiting in the car camping entrance...
  34. Re: Violence in the Campgrounds BY SECURITY

    i heard a bit of the noise, and woke up long enough to see my neighbors going at it like jack rabbits in a one man tent. some body part kept poking the side of the tent and the tent itself was...
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    Re: Shower = 3 hour wait

    I just got back to vegas. Now I will shower.
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    Re: Security Horror Stories?

    most mellowest security out of all the coachellas i've been to. I took in my camelback, food, and a video camera. No pat down either.
  37. Re: Good job on the power outage goldenvoice

    i woke up in a sweat lodge of a van and had a great day and will have 2 more great days.
  38. Re: Public Image Limited was AMAZING!!!

    did anyone else see an out of costume DJ Lance Rock going nuts in the crowd? He's enjoyable to watch flipping out to the music.
  39. Have space on campsite for 1-2 tents, text me

    Had a few people flake out, so I have some room if you can help out with some gas money. Text me at 702-234-0043. We're right next to the general store in the campground.
    Thanks!!!! Luke
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    Need 3 tickets

    3 tickets needed. Already in the camp ground.
  41. Car camping spot with enough space for 2 tents and my van.....

    I'll be sleeping in a van with my wife, but there's 15 feet extra feet to work with. We might do some cooking and would be happy to share. Contact me if you're interested. I'll be arriving Thursday...
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    Re: SPF 9 million
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    Re: Las Vegas Meet-Up?

    Thursday Afternoon
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    Re: What the fuck 50 mins for fnm?

    absolute horse shit. Ain't right.
  45. Can take 2 people from Vegas, leaving Thursday afternoon

    I'm going to Coachella with my wife, and will have room for 2 people.
    Leaving Thursday afternoon, returning Monday morning. Have some room, but not a great deal, so ask before hand if you have a lot...

    arrive on Thursday night if you're camping
    shower early
    avoid the porta poties if possible
    when there are conflicts see a bit of each act instead of just one
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    Re: What Is Jay Z's best album?

    Good,bad, what's the difference when it's all going to be drowned out by LCD's cowbell.
  48. Re: So What Band Will Attract the Most Douchebags??

    FNM might attract some of the same crowd that showed up for Rage, but if you really wanted to see them, you wouldn't spend 300 to do so, you'd just wait till they tour through Southern California,...
  49. Re: If You Could Have Sex With One Musician Performing at Coachella

    Ideally, it would be with all four Golden Girls at once, but they weren't a band.
  50. 2 car/1 spot with extra space problem

    I have a car camping spot. Someone who doesn't have a camping spot wants to park in my spot. Our vehicles together, plus a tent, would fit. Is this allowed? Or is it just one car to a space?
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