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  1. Selling 1 Ticket for 1st weekend(tomorrow) for $400- San Diego

    Hey guys, I bought this for my friend in Denver. Didnt realize he already had a ticket until yesterday so now i am out 400 bucks. I am located in San Diego, would meet u in Indio or here in San...
  2. Need 1-2 tickets for Weekend 1 please-$450


    I need 1-2 tickets for my friends for weekend one. they are willing to spend $450 each.. I am located in Southern Cal. Unopened boxes preferrably. Please text me 419-230-3654

    Thank you
  3. NEEDED: 1 or 2 Weekend 1 tickets!!!

    Hi I am looking for 1 or 2 WEEKEND one tickets for my friends! They are willing to pay up to 450-500 for a ticket! Please Help out!! located in Southern Cal!! email me at
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