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  1. Re: How much does the whole Coachella experience cost? *from a New Yorker*

    I was coming from Michigan

    $280 plane ticket to LAX
    $280 coachella ticket after ticketmaster charges
    Friend drove, but to gave him $50 for gas
    I think I took $200 in cash and got another $100...
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    Re: Rage Coachella T-Shirts

    I got a red one in large on Sunday right before Rage played, I'm surprised they said there was none left when you went. I would have much rather had a white one, and I think the large is too big for...
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    Re: The Coachella Flu ...fact or fiction?

    Day 3 was bad for me, I couldn't breath at all. By the time Rage came out I was dying. I had to go watch from afar because dealing with the dicks jumping on me while not being able to breath was...
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