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    Re: Best Album by Each Band

    I will second that.
  2. Re: When DJ Shadow Says He Has Something Special Planned...


    I flipped out. This was the set of the night, and one of the top 3 of the entire weekend. I went in not being a big DJ Shadow fan, and that has completely changed. I don't know how else...
  3. Re: --------->>>> offering ride from OC to Coachella - Weekend 1

    Hey I'm leaving tonight (Thursday) and will be going to Palm Springs. I have space for 1, but the bike thing is not going to work with my vehicle. Let me know ASAP if anyone wants a ride!
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    Re: Singlechella 2012

    you got it. want to get some pizza?
  5. --------->>>> offering ride from OC to Coachella - Weekend 1

    Hi, I'm leaving THURSDAY (edit) from the OC. Let me know if you want a ride. Just be chill, drug-free, and not looking to stab me and/or others at any part of the trip.

  6. Re: The Uncontrollable Excitement Thread

    pretty soon everything is going to be alllllll right
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