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  1. Re: Can anyone recommend a good Bus to take from LAX to INDIO CA on the 09th April 20

    Then post in the Carpools forum and ask if anyone could give you a ride.
  2. Re: Manchester City vs Liverpool Sunday April 13th

    you can watch it streamed on the internet:
    There's a sports bar in LA Quinta that shows Football, but I seriously doubt they'll be open early mornings:...
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    Re: Companion Car Pass

    Just FYI: The nearest Walmart parking lot is five and a half miles away :) There simply is NO off-site parking anywhere within walking distance.
  4. Re: Best way to get from West Hollywood to Coachella??

    double post, argh...
  5. Re: Best way to get from West Hollywood to Coachella??

    - Find a ride in here. Lots of threads about rides from LA - carpools and commercial shuttles alike. Reformulate your request into "Ride wanted from Hollywood for weekend 2" so people will notice......
  6. Re: Need pro tips to find RV parking. its sold out !

    The Indian Wells RV park cannot be reserved online for Coachella dates. You need to do this over the phone - call them at +1-760-347-0895 or email at
    I'll stay...
  7. Thread: Lockers

    by bhomburg

    Re: Lockers

    From their website:
    A $20.00 Refundable Lock Deposit is collected when you reserve the Extra-Large Keyless Combination Locker on-line.
    Here’s how it the Deposit works: PayPal charges you for...
  8. Re: Lake Cahuilla Camping. On-site car camping alterniative

    There is NO 'neighborhood parking'. At All.
    Another good option would be to bring bikes and ride to the venue. Should take 15-20 minutes, and on the way out after the show ends each day you'll be...
  9. Re: Looking for ride or to share cab from campground to Pappy and Harriets on Thursda

    There is no grocery store parking within walking distance of the venue. The closest grocery store (Ralph's on Jefferson/Avenue50, 2.5 miles away) closes off its parking after hours. If you want to...
  10. Re: Indian Wells or Indian Waters RV Parks.. anybody been?

    I can say the same for Indian Wells. We've been staying there the last couple years and it's been nice. They also have a shuttle service going ($35 for the weekend). Never used it but took bicycles...
  11. Re: Looking for ride or to share cab from campground to Pappy and Harriets on Thursda

    No, you can leave car camping with your car before the festival ends. You just won't be able to get back in, hence the need for a companion parking pass so you'll have a place to park after coming...
  12. Re: Essential Coachella 2014, a 3-hour mix of Coachella artists

    Thanks a lot for this! Awesome mix that gets me in the "can't wait" mood. Will bring this along on that 11-hour flight for sure!
  13. Re: Looking for ride or to share cab from campground to Pappy and Harriets on Thursda

    Even when shared, that's going to be a 100-mile cab/shuttle ride which will cost you serious money.
    If you don't find anyone, consider purchasing a companion parking pass for $30 (these are still...
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    Re: RHCP kicked ass , lets say sorry.

    what roboto said. Wasn't planning on seeing them but what I saw on the stream made me rethink. Klinghoffer really surprised me as well - that guy's really good indeed.
    Just hope their weekend II...
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    Re: Biking into Coachella

    no, that's about right and what we did the last few years.
  16. Re: Please oh please we need a ride from LAX Thursday night wknd 2

    check your messages... we'll be heading out around this time as well.
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    ummm - all streams have been available more or less constantly all day (well, night for you in CA) long over here. I've been browsing all through them pretty all the time the last 15 hours. I can...
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    Re: Bringing a Tent on the Plane

    That would go through as regular baggage on most airlines. The legacy US carriers (AA, DL, UA, US) all have a size limit of 62 linear inches (width + height + depth added together) limit which this...
  19. Re: My 1st Coachella - Car Camping Questions (Sleeper Van), etc

    that's very good to hear! I emailed them with the same question a few years ago, asking if this van would be OK and got a "no":
    . The wording was...
  20. Re: My 1st Coachella - Car Camping Questions (Sleeper Van), etc

    that is not a campervan, that is an RV. A small one, but still a purpose-built RV and chances are great of you getting turned away. I'd await the response before committing (and if it's positive,...
  21. Re: Someone explain to me why it's ethical to force-bundle certain tickets w/the shut

    Last year they had to provide an aggregate shuttle capacity for 25,000 people over the course of the festival.
  22. Re: Car Camping Pass & Companion Parking Pass for this weekend for sale!!!

    Guys, check the dates before resurrecting old threads. This one's sooo 2012.... :rolleyes:
  23. Re: Pro Tip: If you have Weekend 2 Passes and want to trade for Weekend 1, don't bot

    yeah... this whole thing is VERY annoying. I bought my flights and everything in Sept. last year with the intention of going to weekend one, just to have my local-friend-in-charge-of-buying-tickets...
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    Re: is there any fees?

    except for international shipping which is $25 extra, and you only get to know about that one on the checkout page.

    The "official" hotel shuttles where you can get passes for only go to the hotels partnering with the Festival.
    These are for weekend 1:
    La Quinta Resort
    JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort...
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    Yes. Stayed there the last couple years and will continue to do that for next year and beyond. I'd recommend it!
    It's not really a stroll but a twelve-minute bike ride to the venue entrance (best...
  27. Re: Looking for Carpool Buddy Back to LAX Leaving at 3am Weekend I Monday, Car+Driver

    Honestly - $200 per person for a shuttle is WAY too much. Seeing you at all cost cannot afford to miss your 6am flight and will have to leave the grounds at 3am, I'd just rent a car for the whole...
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    Re: Looking For Carpool/Camping Buddies

    I'd leave the generator at home. These things are explicitly forbidden to bring into camping. I've seen people turned away at the checkpoint with one. Only year they were allowed was 2010 in the RV...
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    Re: Did you ride your bike?

    I have a foldable Dahon (26" wheels!) which goes as regular baggage at no charge. Also, fits in rental cars' trunk! Sooo convenient.
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    Re: Just got my shuttle pass

    following up on that - I did get a refund for them. That actually was a pretty easy and painless procedure involving nothing more than two emails to Valley Music Travel.
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    Re: No RVs in 2012 :(

    Well, there's the Indian Wells RV park at Hwy111 and Jefferson. That's not 'real' close, but close enough to walk back from the venue (40 minute walk, 10 minute bike ride).That's where we stayed at...
  32. Re: Have any internationals received their passes yet??

    Yes, they (intellitix) did refund me the shipping fee. Had to call them about it, though.
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    Re: No RVs in 2012 :(

    At least now we know well in advance. This year, the info that there'll be no RV camping any more came way too late.
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    Re: Just got my shuttle pass

    And I haven't received mine at all so far.
    I'd definitely contact VMT and demand a refund.
  35. Re: Looking to buy Indian Wells Tennis Garden Shuttle Pass

    Well, and I think they are at that point again. I mean, they were missing *country information* on mine as well as on others' orders..... There seem to be a whole lot of "exceptions" from what I see....
  36. Re: Need a lift from LAX to Coachella on the 14th!

    Check your PMs!
  37. Re: Trade Indian Wells RV Reserv. for Your Car Camping Pass

    yeah.. After seeing they had RV camping last year, I rented me an RV (early-booking special, prepaid, so I couldn't just cancel) as soon as the date was announced for '11. You can imagine the horror...
  38. Re: Help...UK girl in desperate need of a ticket. Tickets outside the event?

    There *will* be tickets outside the event. Last year, we scored some from a (professional) scalper in the parking lot on Friday early afternoon for $400 after walking about with a "tickets wanted"...
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    Re: Need a ride from LAX to Coachella

    Yep, we could. We'll have an RV and tons of space. Are you coming in with SWISS from Zürich? Message/email for details.
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