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  1. Re: Most Unexpected/Surprisingly Good Act You've Seen

    Frank Turner 2010-SO bummed now that I didn't memorize every song ahead of time and nab a front and center spot for that set. He was amazing and completely off my radar. My friend wanted to see him,...
  2. Thread: Biffy Clyro

    by Vodkagirl

    Re: Biffy Clyro

    Well, I love them. I've seen them several times in concert and they do not disappoint.
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    Re: Hard fi and OK GO for 2013?

    I've seen OK GO live twice. They were amazing both times! Good Choice.
  4. Re: How practical is it to get close to the stage for one particular show per day?

    It's very practical to get close to the front for just about anything. If you absolutely need to be against the bar in the very front, I would get there two acts before regardless of which stage it...
  5. Re: Top 5 Best Coachella Moments from 1999 to 2011

    Disclaimer: I've only gone the last two years so I have limited experiences to choose from.

    1. Muse 2010-This was my first real experience at the Coachella stage.
    2. Band of Skulls 2010- SO...
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    Re: Coachella to Las Vegas Scenic Route?

    I think this is the way we went in 2010. It was actually a little faster trip than taking major highways the whole way and much more interesting. Heed Rickey's advice on the gas. You are seriously in...
  7. Re: New pedestrian plan kills "Secret Garden" parking, right?

    I never heard of the secret garden lot. Too bad too cause we would have used it. Last year on Friday night it took us over two hours to get out of day parking. We actually re-parked our car and slept...
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