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  1. Re: Ride for a spot to crash? (la to coachella)

    Hey I can't offer a hotel room but I do have a bunch of shuttle passes I can offer. My buddy is getting to LA late on Thursday and could use a ride out to coachella because we're gong to get there...
  2. Coachella to LAX, Weekend 2, Thursday night (around 11pm?) Ride needed

    Hey, I'm looking for a ride from LAX to Coachella on Thursday 4/19 at around 10pm. My flight gets to LAX at 940 and my buddies are getting to Coachella earlier in the day to secure a camping spot....
  3. Re: 3 Open Seats in my car from LA to Coachella WEEKND 2!!!

    Hey, my buddy gets into lax at 940 on Thursday. We'd like to go to secure our camping spot earlier in the day and have him meet us there. Any chance you could help him out with a ride. He's a great...
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