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  1. Re: Looking for Weekend 2 ticket & car camping!

    Hey, I just sent you an email, I have exactly what you need, hope you are interested!
  2. SELLING: One weekend 2 pass + car camping pass

    Plans changed, and I can't make it this year :( I just want to try and sell my pass at face value. I paid $434 for the weekend 2 pass, and the car camping pass, but feel free to make an offer.

  3. Re: Buying a 2nd weekend GA + car camping pass!

    I have a pass and car camping pass available! hit me up 805.832.1464 or
  4. Re: Wanted: A kind soul to sell me a weekend 2 pass

    I have a weekend 2 pass plus a car camping pass - hit me up! 805.832.1464 or
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    Re: WANTED 1 weekend 2 pass :]

    I've got a weekend 2 pass and car camping pass available! Hit me up - 805.832.1464 or
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    Re: Wanted 1 GA Weekend 2 Pass

    I have a weekend 2 pass + car camping pass available, hit me up! 805.832.1464 or
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    I've got 1 weekend 2 pass, and a car camping pass too, hit me up if you're interested! 805.832.1464 or
  8. One Weekend 2 GA Pass + Car Camping Pass

    I'm not able to attend this year's festival because my work didn't approve the time off - bummer! So I'm just trying to sell my ticket to some lucky individual who is able to go. I paid $434 all...
  9. 1 weekend 1 GA Pass + Camping pass available

    Hey, plans changed and I won't be able to make it to Coachella this year. I have 1 weekend 1 GA Pass and a camping pass available. My order total for everything was $405 even, so I'm just trying to...
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    Re: Safety Concerns-Two Ladies Camping Alone

    Hey, I'm a 23 year old girl, and this is my first coachella, and I'm planning on camping alone. It would be nice to maybe meet up with or camp next to people who are in the same boat as me. Let me...
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    Re: Going solo weekend 1... be my friend!? :)

    I'm in the same boat as you- got my pass last summer and all my friends bailed and weekend 1 sold out really fast :( I'm 23, female, and from Ventura and just looking for a buddy to roam around the...
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    Re: The Cooking Thread

    Trader Joe' is my second coming of Christ. Recently got a "Cooking with Trader Joe's" cookbook for a bday gift, best present by far. I look through it almost every day. Your pasta sauce pic and...
  13. Re: Weekend 1 by myself. ADOPT ME! Be my friend!

    I'm in the same shitty boat as you! This is my first Coachella, and I bought my weekend 1 tickets last summer when the payment plan went on sale, and all of my friends flaked and/or weekend 1 sold...
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