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  1. Re: lake cahuilla...

    Did you hear back from the lake?

    One thing the supervisor hinted to me about was that unless you were attending the festival, they were not going to allow anyone to stay at the campgrounds...that...
  2. Re: lake cahuilla...

    I spoke to the supervisor again and they are now looking at Jan 1st opening up the sites :( I have a direct number to him...Not going to share...sorry...we want to keep our movie wall :)

    I will...
  3. Re: lake cahuilla...

    You might want to call them again because I spoke to a supervisor there and the dates are currently all blocked because they don't even have prices for that weekend.

    Apparently because of the...
  4. Re: lake cahuilla...

    Has anyone been able to make reservations for 2011 yet?
  5. Thread: Dates 2011!!

    by muzikgrl

    Re: Dates 2011!!

    So are these dates for real? or is this another teaser?

    If these are the dates, I am sooooooo excited to start my countdown!!!
  6. Re: lake cahuilla...

    Yep....we were the ones right next to them! Thank GOD I was drunk and had earplugs...otherwise someone would have died :)

    It was a great time had by all! Thank you everyone for the...
  7. Re: lake cahuilla...

    Ok, we got the projector, the inflatable pool, Mr. Bubbles, pizza fixin's, adult beverages, and a/c for the tent....I am soooooooooo ready for next week!!!
  8. Re: lake cahuilla...

    That's cuz this year is going to rock our livers!!!
  9. Re: lake cahuilla...

    The movie wall is back!!! Last year we didn't have a dlp projector but we do this year :)

    We have the Coachella DVD, we also have the Flaming Lips-Fearless Freaks, a couple of Radiohead and Nick...
  10. Re: lake cahuilla...

    We are taking movie requests for Thurs night movie on the wall...

    The Blues Brothers?
    Strange Brew?

    What would you all want to watch while we chow some of that bbq!
  11. Re: lake cahuilla...

    We too are coming from Chandler/Mesa area and are camping at the lake! We are right next to the bathrooms and will (hopefully) have our dlp projector to show some visuals/movies on Thurs night! We...
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    Re: 1st Time Coachella Advice - Procrastination

    We camp at lake cahuilla (our site is full otherwise I would offer) but they have an overflow site that is first come first serve so if you get there thurs early enough you might get a spot.
  13. Re: Sneaking Sh*t in: My Experience of Security and Cops at Coachella

    Last year I was able to sneak in 3 pints (glass bottles) of vodka, various goodies, and a glass hitter. I wont tell all of my secrets but let's just say they really don't search girls that hard.
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    Re: Coachella Demographics for 2010

    In our party we will have
    2 other females 38 and 37
    2 males 40 and 39

    you are never too old to party like a rock star!!!
  15. Thread: BACKPACKS

    by muzikgrl


    I have a cool looking bp style purse w/ a drawstring. We use it all day then take it to our lockers and this leaves ourselves free to dance in the Sahara. I use a necklace for the locker key and...
  16. Thread: How the Hell

    by muzikgrl

    Re: How the Hell

    Is anyone else having probs looking at this site? I am finding that it constantly is freezing my browser, wont load properly, wont let me get to my Coachooser, etc...just curious
  17. Re: lake cahuilla...

    That would be awesome! Then no one has to worry about the drive back to the campground...cuz it sure gets dark on that road!!!
  18. Re: lake cahuilla...

    We made our reservations in Nov and they called us last month to advise us that the festival was going to be that weekend. We told them we were going and they said ok. No extra fees or anything. Just...
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    Re: Who Popped Your Coachella Cherry?

    Though my boyfriend had been for 7 previous years, I was a Coachella virgin until last year. This may be a bit cheesy cuz while I enjoyed my first full day that Friday evening, watching Leonard Cohen...
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    Re: Coachella Dates (somewhat) announced

    While it hasn't been officially announced for the weekend of the 16th, the Stagecoach festival has been confirmed for the following weekend.
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