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    Recycling water bottles

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to say that the recycling of the 10 empty bottles for a full bottle of water was a really great idea and I hope to see it again next year. I myself along with...
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    Re: Riot in campground?

    Me and my wife were sleeping without a tent and at least three of these drunk fuckers from the mob walked all over us while we were sleeping, then the riot police started taunting the idiots and we...
  3. Vancouver British Columbia Canada

    Have empty seats for anyone willing to pitch in on rental and gas, will cost about $250 per person round trip leaving on the 25th from VANCOUVER.
  4. Re: who's up for camping out in the wildnerness?

    I'll be looking for a place to sleep with my partner, and camping in a rural setting or on public land might enhance my experience, and if you don't mind driving 45 minutes each way there is always...
  5. Re: Vancouver BC, Seattle WA Carpool

    I'm organizing a trip with a rental van, message me if interested. :) :dumbo
  6. Re: Possible Carpool from Vancouver, BC

    I'm exceptionally good at slappin people upside the head :D
  7. Re: Van (19 & 22) leave april 25 back may 2

    Also I'm leaving from Vancouver....

  8. Re: Van (19 & 22) leave april 25 back may 2

    Hi, there are a bunch of other people wanting to come with me, It will cost between $1000-$1500 for gas and rental vehicle for eight days(April 25th-May 2nd) depending on what size the vehicle we...
  9. Re: Vancouver BC, Seattle WA Carpool

    Total Est. Time: 22 hours, 23 minutes Total Est. Distance: 1328.77 miles

    from Victoria BC
  10. Vancouver BC, Seattle WA Carpool

    There will be room for at least three people (more if required) leaving from Vancouver, Seattle or Portland.
    I will be leaving Vancouver BC in a vehicle on the 25th and will be returning by May 4th...
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