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    Re: ONE WAY to Improve Coachella for 2010

    I agree with you 100%, getting out of the parking lot its always a problem, specially the first day.
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    Re: Coachella 2009 regrets

    Watching Plublic Enemy & ghetto Flavor Flav.
    Waste most of Sunday's time sitting down, & not checking out bands.
  3. Re: Tips on getting shirts that sold out at Coachella

    In the past years I was able to find what had sold out @ Coachella, in the Coachella store. The only bad thing about it is that, you have to pay all those extra charges, like tax & shipping. Hope you...
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    Re: Get your locker-chella here.

    medium size sounds, good, JP
  5. Re: So who else is refreshing the main page waiting for a lineup?

    Hi, well I speek spanish, & what they are saying is that, it was cancel, until next week, because theire still negotiating, because they don't want to go through the same thing from last yr, and...
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    Re: I'm on the Edge of my Seat!

    I know what you feel & the same for me, COACHELLA has change my life too. My boyfrieb has been so lovely to me, he has been taking me since 07, he introduce me to Coachella, now it's impossible to...
  7. Re: So who else is refreshing the main page waiting for a lineup?

    Coachella is making A LOT of people SUFFER this year..... Starting with my boyfriend. This F.... delay is killing him, big time. UUUUUHHHHH we are lossing sleep over COACHELLA!!!!!!!! I lOVE U BABE...
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    Re: Coachella Twitter says...

    Yeah, mine too!
    Coacella is making A LOT of people SUFFER this yr.... Starting with my boyfriend, this F.... delay is killing him big time, uuuuuhhhhhh we are loosing sleep over COACHELLA...!!!!!!!...
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