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    Re: American artists and British artists

    Hi thanks very much for all the info and for the time taken to reply! seen metronomy about 2 years ago in a little club in Liverpool (about 20 minutes from where I live) they were amazing! I will...
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    American artists and British artists

    Hey guys!

    Hope you are all as excited for the big event as i am, not long to go now!!!

    I am from England and will be visiting for the first time!

    There are quite a few Brits on the line up...
  3. British Guy making first visit this year ANY infomation helpful

    Hi Guys!

    I'm a 23 year old from England, coming over for Coachella with my girlfriend this year it isnt my first time to America but is my first time to Coachella!

    We have booked car camping,...
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