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  1. Re: So, Now It's Over, What's Everyones Opinion on Two Coachellas?

    Sure, maybe I am whining. Complaining and trying to start a discussion to get other people's ideas is a better way to describe it though.

    And I'm glad that you felt that it didn't alter your...
  2. Re: So, Now It's Over, What's Everyones Opinion on Two Coachellas?

    If you read what I said, I mentioned that to get the whole experience I would've had to go both weekends. Because I don't have another 1200$ in spare cash, and can't just get another 4 days off from...
  3. So, Now It's Over, What's Everyones Opinion on Two Coachellas?

    So now that both weekends are over (Weekend Oner Here), I think it would be useful to figure out the general opinion of a two weekend Coachella.

    What do you all think of the two weekend system?
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    Re: Cops at Coachella

    I went First Weekend.

    I saw two guys getting arrested in the Do-Lab right next to me after they had sold some dude something. Three undercovers were on them like no other, poor guys weren't even...
  5. Re: Security on the whole this year much better (nicer) than past years

    Definitely nicer, but more thorough on searching on the way into the festival. Everyday I had some nice new stranger tickle the top of my pubes.

    But it didn't matter, since that's where I usually...
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    Re: Narc-Chella 2012?

    Yeah I saw two guys getting arrested in the Do-Lab this year mid-day. Looked to my right and saw them with their arms behind their backs getting cuffed. Didn't see them smoking at all, so I assumed...
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    Re: Droog - Heineken Dome - Saturday

    Potentially retarded question: Do you have to be 21 to go inside the Heinekin dome?
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    Re: Swedish Fish Mafia - DJ Sneak talks truth

    Damn, calm down dude. I just imagine you smashing your keyboard when your typing that raging at how much you hate all of us invisible imaginary forum members. This is the internet after all.......
  9. STS9 - Start Tour on April 20th in Oakland, Why Aren't They At Coachella?

    So STS9 just announced their new tour - starting April 20th at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA. Now pretty much all artists playing at coachella are making a stop in the Bay Area or SoCal, so...
  10. Thread: RADIOHEAD

    by knuthamsun


    So Radiohead is headlining Bonnaroo, not that I have a right at all to be pissed, but I kinda am. GV pulls a shit ton of cheap stunts knowing no matter what they pull Coachella will still sell all...
  11. Thievery Corporation Should Be Added, They're On the Circuit

    Considering recent dropouts from the lineup, the generally low number of bands compared to last year and the backlash the lineup has received, I think everyone feels like we deserve something in...
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    Re: Pooping at coachella.

    ... Whenever I had to I went to the air-conditioned bathrooms that locked and flushed too. It was always a nice break from the festival. No line, nobody ever seemed to use them. I have no idea...
  13. How Many Water Bottles (20oz) A Day is Healthy in The Desert Heat?

    How many water bottles (standard 20oz) is healthy for a person to drink a day in the coachella heat, sun, and party filled extravaganza. I wanna make sure nobody is under or overhydrating in our...
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    Re: Acceptable ID's For Entering Campgrounds

    Would my college ID work if it shows my picture and birthday?
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    Re: Acceptable ID's For Entering Campgrounds

    Unfortunately I tried thinking of getting a state ID card last month and asked the DMV how long they would take to get (60 days), so that's out of the question.

    I really don't want to risk...
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    Acceptable ID's For Entering Campgrounds

    Hey, I've found myself in a bit of a jam. I'm 19 and it's my first time camping at coachella and I'm camping with my group; and I'm wondering what kinds of ID are acceptable for entry into the...
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