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    Re: camping pass for sale face value.

    If weekend one I'm interested
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    Need camping pass weekend 1

    Hey guys, looking for a weekend one camping pass. I already have my wristband and would like to trade wristbands so that they match the camping pass. Let me know if your interested! In located in...
  3. Re: (2) Weekend 1 Wristbands plus a Car camping pass for $750

    Hello I have already got my wristbands but I was wondering if you would sell me your camping pass separately I would trade you my wristband for one of your so that the wristband would match the...
  4. Re: WEEKEND 1 - 2 tickets plus car camping spot $900 or OBO

    Hi I was wondering how far away from la you are I'm looking to buy a camping pass I already have my wristband so I can trade mine with the one that matches your camping pass. Let me know if your...
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    Really need a weekend one pass

    Secured my ticket and then the site crashed. I'm willing to pay up to $400 please message or email me I live in SoCal and am willing to meet up.
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