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  1. Re: Official "I'm NOT EVEN CLOSE to leaving yet" Thread

    I only live two hours away from the fest and I'm leaving Thursday morning.

    As I was buying food and drinks yesterday (Sunday) it took all my willpower not to just keep driving my car all the way...
  2. Re: Sunday Night on the campgrounds was the funniest experience of my life

    Last year camping on Sunday night was the best. We way over packed food and booze so we were handing it out freely. We met a few Australians who had run out of everything (even water) and only had...
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    Re: Who Popped Your Coachella Cherry?

    DJ Lance Rock last year! Very neat way to start of the Coachella experience. There were tons of little kids around and with the characters on stage I was just thinking wtf this is awesome.
  4. Need one GA ticket (some interesting stuff to trade)

    I know this is a longshot, but out of our group of 8, one friend did not get his ticket on time.

    Of course we would pay for the cost of the ticket.

    Our friend who didn't get his ticket in...
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