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  1. Re: Looking for a ride from Coachella to the Bay Area on Sunday evening or EARLY Mond


    I live in Sunnyvale and I need a ride back from Coachella. Any drivers??

    email me at if you are driving back to the bay area and have extra seats. THANKS!
  2. Re: Traveling & going to Coachella Wknd 2 alone from NYC

    Hey guys!

    Unfortunately, my lame friends bailed on me and therefore I would be going solo as well

    I am a 23yo asian male undergrad looking for fellow solo-ers to roll with!

    this is my first...
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    Re: Want a lift? Help us drive!

    hi! i am in the south bay (sunnyvale) and i am definitely in for this! years of driving experience and never been into an accident! text me 408 646 5851! - mella
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    Offering Ride from Bay Area to Coachella!

    My lame friends bailed on me so I would be going alone.

    I am a 24yo male undergrad, have space for about 2, from the bay area (preferably south bay) to coachella!

    Looking for fun, crazy people...
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