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    Re: The Official 2011 Gay Orgy®

    Funny how they sell out before the line up was announced this year
  2. Re: Adopting? Chill gay dude and his best st8 friend wanna party with you guys!

    I hit you up on facebook. Might have a spot, man
  3. Re: gay or gay.friendly campers or roomshare??

    Yea, friend and I are driving from San Diego and we might have free space to pitch a tent, heh. Trying to see if we can get into the big group, but we might not make it on time.
  4. Re: The Official "Let A Stranger Stay In Your Camping Space" Page.

    Hey everyone! I'm glad to hear that people are stepping to the plate and helping others in need. Warm and fuzzy feelings! I was going to tent with my friends (even though the space is getting a bit...
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