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  1. Re: Selling my (1) Weekend Two GA wristband + Car Camping!

    Hi, is the ticket and camping pass sold? I'm very interested in buying them, i can send you half the money now and half when we exchange the passes, please let me know either way, thanks
  2. Re: Friday morning soccer game pick up!

    Can we get a game for amateurs that don't own cleats and still wanna play wk1?
  3. Weekend 1 craft beer meet/drink/exchange on Thurs?

    I'm going to be at the campgrounds around 1pm....anyone want to hangout, drink some a few? I'm bringing some torpedo, swamis IPA, dales pale, modern times , and prob a few other...
  4. Re: LOOKING TO BUY Weekend 1 passes

    I have 1 ticket for wk1 email/pm me if your interested
  5. Re: Early Birds - Who Were Your Favorite Pre 3pm performers of the 2013 Festival

    My favorite early sets:
    Tokyo ska
    vintage trouble kicked ass both tied for my fav early bands. I went to see VT at the El Rey months later and they were as great as I remembered!!

  6. **tonight**1 floor ticket The Dear Hunter@ fox theatre Pomona $25(face is $30)

    Row G Seat 12 They are playing with a string quartet, friend can't make it so if you want to go text me@714-264-1994 doors@7


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    Re: Coachella ate my car.

    marry her... she's def a keeper.... Btw... not talking about the car! a gf that's cool under pressure isn't easy to find
  8. Re: 1st Annual Potluck/ Craft Beer Tasting Weekend 2 ??

    n108th and main.... towards fence..... blue nissan w/ tent in bed...3/4 x solar lights in front
  9. Re: 1st Annual Potluck/ Craft Beer Tasting Weekend 2 ??

    k... shitty planning.... beer trading/ tasting still happening.... carne asada in in hour or so
  10. Re: 30 Somethings Unite Weekend 2 Car Camping Extravaganza!!!

    I'm down, what time do you plan on getting there? I'm also going solo and it would be cool to have a few sites together to get some extra space and of course meet some new friends. PM/post here...
  11. Re: 1st Annual Potluck/ Craft Beer Tasting Weekend 2 ??

    Cool, glad to hear there is some interest. A group of 4 flying in from VA is also in! I'll confirm on the mon or tues the week of and I'll post my location when I get there on Thurs, I plan on...
  12. Re: Looking for someone to share their camping spot with us!! :)

    Sent you a PM
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    Re: Meal Ideas

    Damn, everyone has some amazing food ideas!!! I started another thread, but I think this is the place to post the idea of having the 1st Annual Potluck/Craftbeer tasting Wk2!" Anyone interested??? ...
  14. 1st Annual Potluck/ Craft Beer Tasting Weekend 2 ??

    Ok....I just finished reading the "Meal Ideas" thread and had an idea, why not have a potluck and try some great beer on Thurs night?? I can host at my site, or if a group of sites together can...
  15. Re: 2013 - Best finds of the year so far

    Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
    Dead Can Dance
    The Selecter
    Reign Wolf
    Cafe Tacvba
    Shouting Matches
    Hanni El Khatoub
    Vintage Trouble
    Little Green Cars
    Thee Oh Sees
  16. Re: Anyone in the Lineup who can put on a show like the Hives?

    Violent Femmes are a must see! Social D always puts on an awesome show also. Never seen Franz, but will be sure to check them out
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    Re: So much dead time

    Seriously!? you only like one kind of music? I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna be in more than 1 place at a time! Plus, time between sets gives you time to get to the next set at a stage...
  18. Re: New Canned Beer of Choices for Coachella 2012

    First, thanks for the great thread! Most informative and always makes me thirsty=)

    Is anyone planning a beer exchange? I'd like to have a can exchange with everyone bringing a few (or more) dif...
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