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    New Job Question

    Hey all,

    Got a little question for you.

    I’ve been looking for more work because well, I’m finding it hard to live on what I get right now. I have rent, student loans to pay, living expenses...
  2. Re: Blink 182 still tours...They can't possibly be THAT expensive to bring in

    Sometimes you just can't look away.
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    Re: Boring Shit About Your Life

    I'm glad someone hacked that code for you.

    And my whine of the day, the UK government has had my passport now for nearly 6 months (long story and no I didn't do anything bad or illegal) and...
  4. Re: The Official Soccer, Football, Futbol, and Footie Thread

    How did I just find out (and through this thread and forum of all places) that Sanchez is with Arsenal! I've been forced to choose a Premier League team to support and for various reasons chose...
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    Re: The Travel Thread

    Captncrzy, I just read your travel advice post and wow am I glad that most of that has never happened to me. Once, i think in Brazil, the friendship bracelet thing happened to me where a guy came up...
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    Re: Coachella 2015 Weekend 1 Newbie

    I think the suggestion of you flying into Vegas might make more sense. I know for many car rental places, there's an extra cost if you rent in one place and return it in another so starting and...
  7. Re: Blink 182 still tours...They can't possibly be THAT expensive to bring in

    I say give 'em a go. I'd go watch if they played.
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    Re: Tech Talk

    So this isn't so much a hardware question, but techy nonetheless.

    Do any of you have your own sites (either business or personal)? I have a food and travel blog (basically scouting out all the...
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    Re: California Firestorm 2k14

    I wonder how much smokers throwing their cigarettes on the side of roads have cost the state of California. My dad used to work for the department of corrections and took inmates out into the...
  10. Re: Past experience -- What to do when/if you spot a celebrity?

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAA I'm pretty good I'm gonna chuckle every time Vanessa Hudgens comes up in conversation now (which to be clear does not happen much in my life). That is absolutely hilarious though.

  11. Re: ThatGirl's Job Search-Resume Questions /Help Thread

    Oh dear me. What was the description for that?
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    Re: The Cooking Thread

    You won all that meat?! I wish I were that lucky. Never heard of people raffling meat either. It seems like it would raise the bar as far as raffles go.
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    Re: Hotels for 2015

    I can't remember what the parking situation is like out there, but I'd just lend your friend the car. No point in driving the car out if you don't have to and I'm sure your friend will appreciate it....
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    Re: Halo - LED headband

    Uhhh what? Where did this $75 come from? Or was that just a guess.

    I'm sure there will be loads of people who will want to buy it.
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    Re: The Post Pictures of Your Pet Thread!

    I want to squeeze it!!! (but not too hard obviously).

    I'm waiting for my life to become slightly more settled and normal-ish before getting a pet. Until then I'll just look at all the pictures of...
  16. Re: The Official Trader Joe's Appreciation Thread

    This thread makes me oh so very happy, yet so so sad. I live very far from a Trader Joes. Like thousands of miles far.

    I'm planning another trip home later this year and gonna stock up on Trader...
  17. Re: Food poisoning or stomach flu bug - is it just me?

    I'm pretty aware of things to eat and not to eat when I'm at festivals and things like this where there is just so much sun. Things with mayo definitely go at the bottom of my to eat list along with...
  18. Poll: Re: How many people do you go to Coachella with?

    Usually 4-5 people for me, seems like a nice tight number. We all have slightly different tastes in music, so nobody gets too sick of anybody else's company :p
  19. Re: Courtney Love wants Hole reunion at Coachella

    I feel the same, this would be an interesting blast from the past for me! Would probably go see them play.
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