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  1. Re: 2 spaces avaliable from LAX to Indio Today! (Thursday) @ 1pm

    hey there, my boyfriend and I are looking for a ride on Thurs from LAX and returning sunday sometime to LAX. is that possible? and this is for weekend 2
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    Re: room for 2 to 3 people on thursday from lax

    my boyfriend and I will be arriving later in the afternoon on Thurs but by the time you rented a car we would be landed. we have not booked flights yet so we could look at coming in around 3pm or so...
  3. Thread: Ride from LA

    by Tacoma

    Re: Ride from LA

    totally interested! my boyfriend and I have not booked our airfare yet but we are looking to come in thurs evening or late afternoon and come back sunday anytime. We could fly into LAX if you would...
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    Re: Have room for 2. If interested

    hey there, my boyfriend and I need a ride thurs late afternoon to sunday night. I am flying in from SEattle and he from Missouri. we have not bought airfare yet so we are flexible on which airport...
  5. Re: Ride Offer:LAX to Coachella on Sun(04/15) at ~2:00PM.

    are you still offering a ride sun at 2pm to LAX? how much for two people? also we are looking for a ride to coachella thurs evening sometime from LAX. is that possible?
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    Re: giving rides to and from coachella

    I would also like to knwo how much for a ride to LAX sun night for two people?
  7. Wkend 2: Need ride for two roundtrip LAX/Coachella Thurs evening return Sun anytime

    Hello, I am looking for a ride for my boyfriend and I on the second weekend from LAX to Coachella on Thurs night returning anytime on Sun. We are 32 and 33, fun, social, normal people. We have...
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