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  1. Re: David Hasselhoff Burger Eating at Coachella?

    the man looked like he was enjoying my company
  2. Re: Official NIGHT TWO suggestion box

    M. Jackson performing Thriller album start to finish...
    This would - Hands Down - be the most epic event of Coachella's history
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    Re: J O H N B U T L E R T R I O

    I doubt JBT will play, they were on Coachella Stage in the early afternoon last year...
  4. Re: How far are you traveling to come to Coachella?

    Hmmm, cheapest flights I could find go from Frankfurt in Germany to Melbourne Australia, then from there to LA....... so I guess that is a fair way.... 3/4 of the way around the world....
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    ANDREW W.K. for Saturday

    Dear Golden Voice,
    If you are looking for an additional act for Saturday afternoon or evening, may I suggest: Andrew W.K.? I'm pretty sure he would be 100% awesome, maybe in the Gobi Tent just...
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