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    Re: need coachella friends

    JP ! We have a group of about 12 cars coming from long beach as well, but we are going weekend 2 instead. Let me know

    I have 1 weekend two GA wristband + camping pass if you are willing to trade and want the camping pass. PM me
  3. Re: TRADE Wanted: 2x Weekend 1 Passes with Car Camping for 2x Weekend 2 with Car Camp

    I have only 1 pass for weekend two + car camping wanting to trade for weekend 1 with camping pass, let me know ...
  4. Weekend 2 wristband & Car Camping TRADE for Weekend 1 wristband & camping pass

    Hi everyone !!

    Have One GA wristband + Car Camping pass for WEEKEND 2


    One GA wristband + Car Camping pass for WEEKEND 1

    I live in LA. Lets meet up,...
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    Re: Coachella 2015: Hip Hop

    if not this year, when ??? FREDDIE GIBBS for coachellla !!
    and Kendrick needs to come back !
  6. Re: some good rap for this year, FREDDIE GIBBS !
  7. Re: some good rap for this year, FREDDIE GIBBS !

    Gibbs is hood as fuck, but if he is doing shows in Paris, im sure the coachella crowd can handle him. hahaha
    Besides, he raps more about pushing drugs then he does about gangs at all.
  8. some good rap for this year, FREDDIE GIBBS !

    Anyone else thinks he would be a good add to the poster ?? he released an album earlier this year and i liked it. my only concern is that he is probably not very well known to bring in a crowd, or am...
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    Re: MANA!!!!!!

    Mana !!! This would guarantee my 2015 attendance
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    Re: Got one GA wristband for sale

    In on 28th in Indio ! Lets make it happen. 5623261218
  11. In indio ready for Transaction !! want to buy 2 wristbands and/ camping pass .

    will be in Indio tonight with cash ready for transaction. staying right by will call so we can meet up quick. Looking for two (2) wristbands and camping pass/ companion pass.

    call me at 1(562)...
  12. Will buy Camping pass and Wristbands (1-3) for weekend two !

    i am in the LA area willing to drive and meet up anywhere. i have cash in hands and ready for transaction. Must provide proof of purchase and registration when we meet up ! Very serious buyer. No...
  13. Looking for two weekend 1 or 2 passes with CAR CAMPING pass

    Two Weekend 2 wristbands with Car camping pass !

    I live in the Los Angeles area and i am willing to drive pretty much anywhere. Face to face transaction to make sure the wristbands are...
  14. Re: I have a room available for both weeks - my guest backed out. Timeshare for 4.

    im interested, I'm coming with two more people. what weekend, i don't know yet. what the price range ??
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