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  1. Re: OC Register's "100 acts who havenít played Coachella but should"

    Any of Tom Waits, Sufjan Stevens, Outkast, Ray Davies (ideally as a Kinks reunion, but either way), Stone Roses, Replacements reunion (not so interested in Paul Westerberg solo), Fiona Apple or Peter...
  2. Re: Omnibus 2013 Headliner Speculation and Argument Thread

    (somebody contemporary who blows up in the next 6 months)
    Kinks 50th anniversary reunion
  3. Re: Your top 5 performances from 2012 (weekend two edition)

    1. Jeff Mangum
    2. Black Keys
    3. Pulp
    4. Radiohead
    5. Gary Clark, Jr.

    HM: Buzzcocks, Florence + The Machine, Shins, Wild Flag, First Aid Kit, Arctic Monkeys, James, Yuck
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    Re: Where's my 30+ Crowd?

    37. Sometimes I felt like an old dude surrounded by kids, but other times I felt like I was totally among my peers. If anything, it seemed like most of the other people watching the Buzzcocks were a...
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