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  1. Re: lake cahuilla...

    --deleted-- sold the reservation. thanks for your responses!
  2. Re: Lake Cahuilla.. the best place EVER!!!--room for more real and fun people!

    --deleted-- sold the reservation. thanks for your responses!
  3. Re: lake cahuilla...

    I have a sweet spot in the reserved sections w/ hookups that I can't use (I'm now in New Zealand until May), the days are friday through monday. Anyone know if I can hand this over to someone else...
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    Re: Best place to fly to?

    try for carpools. car rentals are of course an option, as well as greyhound out of vega, la, or palm springs (or almost any socal location for that matter). Palm Springs is the...
  5. Re: lake cahuilla...

    Everything is available right now. The online booking system gives you a false status of "full".

    By far, the best place to camp. No city traffic into/out of the venue, no long shower lines...
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    Re: when will tickets be on sale..

    tickets will likely be around up until the week of the festival, but you never know for sure. Last year never sold out (only the combination days pass sold out, individual tickets were always...
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