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    Re: Gate Crasher Fails 2011

    Was right next to this as it happened. Sure hope that girl isn't dead, boy was that a hard hit. the security guard that tackled was walking away he was swaggin and chirpin "girl don't...
  2. Re: STRANDED: need ride from coachella to Sherman Oaks (LA)

    May have room for you if our other friend finds a ride back Sunday Night.

    -Where are you (in the Coachella area)?
    -are you cool with pitching for gas money?

    Let me know.

    Good luck.
  3. Need a ride to LA Sunday night after Coachella

    Hello friends,

    I'm looking for a ride back to LA/LAX on Sunday night right after Coachella ends.

    I've seen some other people looking for rides to catch flights early Monday morning, so hit me...
  4. Looking to buy Indian Wells Tennis Garden Shuttle Pass

    I'm looking to buy Indian Wells Tennis Garden Shuttle Pass's.
    Please msg me if you have for sale. I'm looking to buy 1-6 passes.

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