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    Re: SOLD OUT ALREADY?!?!?!?

    People on Coachella forums are the most stuck up bastards ever. They're the type of people that say "Well I've been listening to this band since 1990!" Just because you have more festival...
  2. Re: The reason Coachella sold out in 6 days is...

    What the hell?? How am I supposed to buy a ticket???
  3. Female seeking to share my hotel room

    I'm a minor and I have a reservation for a hotel room. Two beds. Trying to get at least 3 other people so it will only be $100 per person. It's $400 for four nights so I want to split the bill.
  4. Re: Girl looking for place to camp outside of the Coachella grounds

    I'm so serious. This is so last minute and it sucks.
  5. Re: Have available space to share - What's your Story?

    Are you on or off the Coachella grounds? I'm a minor so I need something off grounds.
  6. Re: lake cahuilla...

    Does anyone have a camping spot there that they'd like to share? I don't really have any money, but I can bake you something! I don't think I'll be able to get into the Coachella grounds as a solo...
  7. Girl looking for place to camp outside of the Coachella grounds

    I had been planning on staying on the grounds and just faking it in because I'm a minor without a guardian, but my ride told me I will definitely get carded because his college friends got carded...
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    Re: A heads up regarding cars

    Are they going to check to see if you're 18 every time you leave and enter? I'm seventeen and this is going to be a bit of a bitch.
  9. Re: How do I get into the camping grounds with my friends if I'm not 18?

    Well I don't think i can bribe the people at the gates(?) with banana bread. I'm bringing a Authorization of Temporary Guardinship form just in case. I just need someone to give me there driver's...
  10. How do I get into the camping grounds with my friends if I'm not 18?

    So I know you have to be eighteen to get into the camping grounds, but the person I'm camping with is going to be in there. Can I get away with posing as someone's daughter. Any secret suggestions? :/
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    Re: The better question is....

    Reasons why you should adopt me.
    1) This is my first ever Coachella and I don't want it to turn out sucky by having to wander around all Thursday night looking for a place to stay haha
    2) I'm...
  12. Re: The Official "Let A Stranger Stay In Your Camping Space" Page.

    I am raiding the Camping/lodging threads for a place to camp. I'm seventeen and practically broke. I am willing to share cookies and banana bread though ;). Please, pretty please, adopt me!
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    Re: Coachella Caravan

    I'm seventeen and going alone. I need a place to camp! I'm young, but down. I'm bringing a small tent, homemade goodies and my hunger for adventure. Let me share please.
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    Re: Tent only spot available

    I'm going alone and I think I'm just going to bring a one person tent. I'm bringing homemade cookies AND banana bread. I'm not too crazy, just excited about the whole first time Coahella adventure. I...
  15. Girl needs camping space with other girls!!

    I'm seventeen and I'm going alone to Coahella. I need a small space to set down a sleeping bag. I'm looking for a good time, seeing my favorite musicians. I won't be able to pitch in much, but I'm...
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    I need a cheap place to camp!

    I am short on money and I'm willing to just lay under the stars in a sleeping bag. Anyone want to share some space or lend me some suggestions. I'm young and going solo.
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    Re: Camp space to myself

    How much are you asking for? I'm looking for a cheap place to camp under the stars. This is my first Coachella. Hit me up!
  18. Re: Who will put on a f***ing show / spectacle?

  19. Seventeen year old rookie looking for a cheap place to stay

    So this is my first year and I'm going probably alone. I have some friends in mind, but they're probably camping on the Coachella grounds which means I can't stay with them since I'm only seventeen....
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