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  1. I Need a Ride from LA to Palm Springs (4/11)

    Hi I need a ride from LA (Hollywood Area) to Palm Springs on 4/11 preferred departure time either 3 or 4pm.

    If you have room feel free to hit me up via e-mail
  2. Re: Meet Zimride, Coachella's official CARPOOL partner. Save money. Make friends.

    Cool this is a great service to Coachella but I also made a post for other car services at Coachella. There should be a lot of options when you get there also, please support my post. Thanks...
  3. Help Me Support Ridesharing/Car Services at Coachella.. Lyft Sidecar Uber etc...

    Hi guys I think this is the right forum. We need to start a movement to support ridesharing and Uber car service at Coachella please do me a favor and contact @lyft, @sidecar, and @uberLA via Twitter...
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