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  1. Re: 2 Sunday Tickets $80 Apiece (hard-copies)

    Update: I've sold my tickets
  2. Update: All my tickets are sold

    I've sold all my Coachella tickets
  3. 2 Sunday Tickets $80 Apiece (hard-copies)

    I've got 2 Sunday Tickets and I can't make the show, want to make sure they get put to good use.

    The first $80 apiece takes them. (I'm local in Palm Springs, you can pick up or I'll mail them)
  4. 2 Saturday & Sunday Tickets available for Face Value

    I have 2 tickets for Saturday and 2 for Sunday, will sell all 4 as group for Face Value (which is $100/apiece after you add in all the Ticketmaster surcharges)

    These are physical printed tickets,...
  5. I'm Selling 2 Sunday Tickets $80/Apiece (physical tickets, I'm local)

    I've got two Sunday tickets and I can't go Sunday. Will sell below face value for $80 apiece, I'm local (Palm Springs). These are physical hard-copy tickets.

    I'm local (Palm Springs) so if you're...
  6. I've got 2 physical Saturday tickets I'll sell for $10

    (Sorry, that subject line should say $100, not $10, it won't let me edit the subject line now)

    I've got two hard-copy tickets for Saturday I can sell you for $100 if you respond back quickly. I'm...
  7. Have 2 Sunday Hard-Tickets, will sell $90 apiece

    I've got two physical hard-copy Sunday tickets I won't be using, will sell for straight face-value, which is $90 apiece (that's less than the actual cost with the forced Ticketmaster "convenience...
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