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  1. Weekend 1 pass with Car Camping - ready to ship

    I have a Weekend 1 GA Pass with car camping for face value, I can provide proof of purchase and pictures of the box and the passes.

    Paypal only, unless you're in the Seattle area, in which case...
  2. Re: Weekend 1 General Admission + Car Camping pass + Car camping companion pass for s

    Yo Baller, this was from last year. I have a Weekend One pass with car camping for this year, if you're interested. PM me if you are.
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    Re: Sasquatch Festival 2012

    Last year this wasn't the case. I don't know about the other years, but I pulled in right around noon on Friday and was much closer than the people who went on Thursday. It's not a huge distance,...
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    Re: Different set times for week 2?

    I suspect most of it will be the same, but if there's a clusterfuck of a scheduling issue, or someone is on a stage way too small for them, they might move things around. Although, I don't know if...
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    Re: Can we bring a Camelbak into the venue?

    Great question, I can't believe Coachella doesn't have a well-organized, easy to understand FAQ listed on their website under an easy to read title, maybe named something like "Festival Info and...
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