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  1. Thread: PULP!!!!!!!

    by flshbk280s

    Re: PULP!!!!!!!

    Pulp was amazing on weekend 2! I was bummed that I missed out on the Glasshouse show (as we were driving to Indio that day).

    If there is anyone who got a recording of weekend 2 or the Pomona...
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    Re: Coachella 2010 Bootleg Thread

    I'm horrible with torrents, but I can do rar files. If there is anyone who has an rar file of :
    LCD Soundsystem, DEVO, Beach House, Thom Yorke????, Grizzly Bear, and XX

    I would appreciate it. I...
  3. pomona glasdhouse has VIP tickets $650 cash only!

    I'm one of the many who waited and was shocked to see SOLD OUT on Ticketmaster Monday. I got an email about the Pomona Glasshouse having limited VIP tickets today. They are open till 9PM today and...
  4. Please help! Had some bad luck trying to obtain tix and need to purchase one

    I live in Southern California and I am willing to drive and meet up tommorrow after work with cash in hand. I live in the inland empire and am hoping to have a ticket in had by wed night. I got...
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