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  1. Re: Headliner that will beat Rage, Daft Punk, Tool and NIN

    white stripes would be awesome for me but i dont know if they have as large as a fan base as some of the other bands mentioned
  2. Re: Message to onsite camping security and staff!!

    i had to travel monday still smelling from the rage concert, that sucked.

    i think if there were things to do at night, like the movie screen thursday night, things would have went a lot better. ...
  3. Re: Why were there so many people walking around wearing Canadian flags?

    all the canadians i met were really nice guys, actually most everybody i met was nice
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    Re: Yelling for RATM during Crowded House

    I'm a huge rage fan but I still listened intently to the other bands even when i didn't know who they were. All the bands that took shit from the dumbasses in the crowd were very professional. Even...
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    Re: People dying at the Rage set

    I was front left 3-5 people from the front barricade, showed up at about 1:30 and was there until manu chao came on. I moved 20 yards back because I was getting dizzy and knew I wouldn't make it to...
  6. Re: Awesome camp moment ruined by Rage fans and fire

    I only saw one small fire in the middle and no trash bins. I left at 4:30 am for a flight so i dont know what happened after that. Most everybody I talked to on the perimeter thought the fire was a...
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    Re: Anyone from Nebraska

    im in omaha looking at flying out now and finding a ride some how from the airport
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