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  1. Re: Limousine leaving coachella late 4/21 after redhot chili peppers

    Yo I'm trying to roll!!! I want to leave tnite, I'm going to lax area. If you can swoop me before u roll I got gas $$$
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    1 girl needs sunday ride to lax

    Hey gotta hit the dip on Coachella early today (Sunday) so I don't get fired. Please hit me up if your leaving anytime today. I got gas $$$
  3. Re: Any car camping groups arriving mid-day Thursday?

    me and 2 buddys are meeting a big group around there at 3 and all driving in at 3:30 you are more than welcome to join us!! if you're interested send me your fb link and ill add you to our group! :)
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    Re: 2 Girls need a camp spot!!!! :)

    do you guys just need a spot to stay at or a ride as well? if you guys have a ride there but just need a spot to stay let me know. 2 of my buddys and 1 have a car camping spot we can share with...
  5. Re: Friends Bailed Last Minute... I'm still going... Looking for Coachella friends

    send me your fb link
  6. Re: Help me get a companion spot? I will pay you
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    Re: Car Camping Party Weekend 2!

    coming from la with just one friend we drink and are 420 :) we would love to join this group. we have a camping pass. lmk my fb link is
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    Re: Weekend 2 Car Camping Epic Party

    gonna be there with a buddy looking for people to party with in the car camping area were real cool down to earth people lots of beer lets make this a good year guys!!!
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