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  1. Looking for a Ride from SLO to Coachella

    Hey, just got a ticket last minute but still need a ride to the festival. I'm willing to throw on gas and I don't care if i have to lay in the bed of a truck. Let me know if you can help me out....
  2. Re: Weekend 2-- Offering a ride from Tucson (UA) to Coachella!

    Hey I go to the U of A and would love a ride to coachella. I am more than happy to pitch in for gas too. let me know if you still have room. thanks

    Owen (415) 694-1243
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    Re: 2011 LOST AND FOUND - official thread

    haha ill throw in a dollar too
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    Re: Offering ride & camping-Tucson AZ

    i am in need of a ride, i already have a place to stay, and am more than happy to help pay for gas. any help would be appreciated
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