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    Re: Alcohol at Coachella 2013

    Getting liquor into the campsite and festival is not hard, just use common sense and don't bring glass and you should be fine. In 2011 we bought a case of aquafina and poured out six of them in the...
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    Re: Early Set Time Predictions 2013

    Long time lurker here thought I'd finally get in on some scheduling action. The one thing that jumps out to me about Sundays mock up is the Gaslight Anthem are way too big for the Gobi. Thinking...
  3. Re: Festival passes are limited to 2 per billing address.

    Is anyone else excited for the shit show that's about to go down?? In some sick and twisted way, I very much am.
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    Re: Radiohead 2012 vs Arcade Fire 2011

    Arcade Fire. Radiohead's been a great band and one of the biggest headliners in the world for over a decade now, where as last years Coachella set was AF's coming out party. Yes, they had headlined...
  5. Re: Things That Will Not Be Overheard At Coachella 2011

    "Boy, that Cameron Frye really gets the point of all the threads on the message board."
  6. Re: Camping passes are non transferable by themselves.

    While I think something like this was necessary, I'm imagining it causing quite the clusterfuck in the security check in lines for car camping. So many people are going to get to the front of the...
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    Re: ***The Official 2012 Lineup Pool***

    Finally posting on the board for the soul purpose of winning this bitch! Can't wait to get some even more cooler stuff or whatever it is we're competing over.
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